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I am a cognitive behavioural therapist with a masters degree in cognitive behavioural therapy. My CBT therapeutic work includes the two main Cognitive Behavioural therapy models of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Therapy (CT). CBT has been researched extensively and is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of many emotional problems including stress, anxiety, depression, panic and phobias. It is used throughout the NHS.

CBT is designed to help people understand the relationships between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It theorises that our unwanted emotions and behaviours are continued in response to the beliefs we have about ourselves, other people and the world. CBT works by helping people identify, challenge and then change unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs, replacing them with healthier and more helpful beliefs enabling them to lead happier lives. CBT helps us to think more helpful thoughts, feel better and behave differently.

When experiencing emotional difficutlies, you may become aware that you are putting yourself down and sometimes poeple develop low self esteen. As part of the treatment process, CBT helps people to develop what is know as self-acceptance which builds confidence and self esteem.

CBT works with current problems and thinking (although some of these current problems may well stem from the past) and provides practical help so people can develop a thinking philsosophy and approach to life that will enable them to feel happier whilst achieving long term change so they are better places to pursue their life goals. Clients often comment  that in addition to the problem they came for, they have noticed how the benefits of CBT have spread to other areas of their life too.

CBT is derived from ancient and modern philosophers, common sense, broad psychology and humanity.

It takes several sessions of CBT for the treatment to be effective although it is generally a short term treatment as results are achieved relatively quickly. Sessions last for one hour and clients can often achieve improvment in 6-8 sessions.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and want to feel better than do contact me to see how we can work together by emailing caroline@caroline-spencer.com (that's a dash between caroline and spencer), telephoning 07770 917114 or contacting White Hart Clinic in Barnes on 020 8876 9897.

Advantages of CBT

  • Action oriented treatment
  • Fast acting
  • Effective
  • Evidence-based
  • Can be applied to emotional issues in other areas of life
  • Brings about long lasting change

CBT Sessions

I offer CBT sessions on a Wednesday at White Hart Clinic in Barnes and on a Tuesday and Thursday in Southfields, Wandsworth.

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