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Does everyone else seem to have a family or a baby bump? Do you feel like a fish out of water amongst your child rearing and bearing friends? Are you struggling to conceive? Do you feel as though you'll have failed in some way if you don't manage to have a child? Do you find yourself feeling envious of your friends when yet another pregnancy is announced? Is your biolgical clock screaming?

  • Undergoing fertility treatment and need support and help dealling with emotional rollercoaster and the nightmare two week wait?
  • Gutted when yet another friend anounces they are pregnant and struggling to manage your emotions?
  • Dealing with infertility and wondering if you will ever smile again?
  • Had multiple treatments and now pondering different parenthood options, such as egg freezing, using donors, adoption and dealing with difficult emotions?
  • Considering whether to have a baby on your own? Thinking about the many questions and challenges you face?
  • Maybe you don't want or can't have children and deciding 'what next'?
  • Realising it just may not happen and unable to see the future?

As a trained CBT therapist, coach, and an ex-nurse I bring empathy and understanding - as well as my own personal insights - to this complex subject. Through CBT, Hypnotherapy, coaching or a combination of these, I work with people at all stages in the family choices and fertility journey.

I work with women who are undergoing fertility treatment and struggling with the emotional journey that goes with it. How do you keep calm when going through an IVF cycle and the dreaded two week wait? Each cycle can bring its own highs and lows and a whole range of emotions. Then there's the constant worry of whether it will work and whether you are doing everything right. If a cycle doesn't work, understandably you may experience low mood, sadness, grief and loss, which can be difficult to process.  It is also recognised that those going through IVF can experience other emotions such as envy, guilt, embarrassment/shame that impact other areas of their life and other important relationships. The techniques I use can help you to feel more in control of your emotions and more able to deal with the whole concept of getting pregnant as well as the every day emotional ups and downs of your own personal fertility journey.

I often help women who have hit their mid to late thirties or early forties and are at a crossroads where they have to decide whether to be childfree or to explore less conventional ways of having children.

If you're looking to develop clarity and move forward then email me or give me a call to explore how we can work together.

Email: caroline@caroline-spencer.com 

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Family / Fertility CBT, Hypnotherapy and Coaching

The first step is to have a free telephone consultation with me. We'll chat for about 20 mins about where you are now on your journey so that I can assess whether I can help you.  Many people find this really helpful in itself whether or not they decide to proceed any further.

CBT, Hypnotherapy for Infertility

I offer CBT, Hypnotherapy sessions on a Wednesday at White Hart Clinic in Barnes and on a Tuesday and Thursday in Southfields, Wandsworth.

To find out how we can work together please call or send an email now

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