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Life coaching - take charge of your life

Bored, stuck, looking for something different? Some people sail through life without the slightest challenge and with everything working out exactly as expected - but for most of us life has a habit of throwing a few 'spanners in the works' along the way and suddenly we can feel like a fish out of water.

The promotion prospects that you were hoping for just aren't coming through,  the perfect relationship turns out not to be so perfect after all, being a parent isn't how you thought it would be, life throws a health scare at you, your children have grown up and gone to university, leaving you wondering what next?

  • Looking for a new direction and not sure what it will be?
  • Feeliing stuck in your job or having problems with colleagues?
  • Just had a health scare that's making you question your life?
  • Coming out of a relationship and looking for a way forward?
  • Had a baby and still reeling from the shock?
  • Have a sense that life no longer reflects who you really are?
  • Struggling with bringing up a family?
  • Just lost confidence and not sure why?
  • Fed up of feeling anxious all the time?
  • Desperate to feel healthy, love your career, have a great relationship and be true to yourself?

There are times in your life when personal coaching can really help you to gain clarity - rebuild your confidence, rebuild your self esteem and work out what is best for you.

I use a combincation of coaching techniques to help with this work.  This work helps uncover who you fundementally are and what is truly important to you. It will help you to get clear on your personal value system and your personal core purpose in life and identify your path to a more fulfilled way of living and working and being. Having done this groundwork, it will then focus on supporting you as you make changes and move forward.

Together we can help you look at your situation within the context of your bigger life picture, work out what you want and make positive changes towards making it happen.

If you want to start exploring new territory, do contact me to see how we can work together by emailing caroline@caroline-spencer.com (that's a dash between caroline and spencer) or telephoning 07770 917114..


Life coaching fees

I offer a no obligation, complimentary twenty minute telephone consultation to prospective clients.

After that, if you would like to proceed we can discuss and decide together the number and frequency of subsequent sessions depending upon your circumstances and needs. 

Email now to find out more.

Coaching sessions

Coaching can be carried out either face to face or over the telephone or by skype (Coaching is just as powerful and effective over the phone), and sessions can range from 45 minutes to an hour, to suit you. Coaching sessions are available face to face on a Wednesday at White Hart Clinic in Barnes and on a Tuesday in Southfields, Wandsworth.

To find out how we can work together please call or send an email now

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